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What is the most important thing about a waterproof plug

Issuing time:2021-04-27 16:27

When it comes to plugs, everyone needs to be familiar with it. We often see it in our daily lives, such as two feet, three feet, etc. With the development of skills and the improvement of people's living standards, we are using more and more plugs and the like. Almost all appliances are equipped with plugs. Without a plug, our household appliances will not be able to power on. When used, people's normal life rhythm will be disrupted. It can be said that the plug is the thing most closely related to our lives. Use electricity ruthlessly. Careless use can cause irreparable disasters. The plug acts as a preface and bridge for us to use electricity. Here, a safe and reliable plug is particularly important. Which plug is reliable and safe?

Since water is something we often touch in our lives, many household appliances are used when there is water, such as water heaters in toilets, drinking fountains in living rooms or dining rooms, etc. If you are not careful, you will get water, so a good waterproof plug is especially important.

What kind of waterproof plug is good? As the name suggests, a waterproof plug is a waterproof plug that can have a waterproof function. The best waterproof plug on the market is IP68. We can see it by observing the label on the product. The second best plug must have outstanding insulation capabilities. Check the insulating material used in this plug and you will find that the insulator becomes money. The electrical conductor, the final insulating material is silicone. Finally, we were able to observe the process of the plug for the first time. Since long-term use of electricity will heat up and experience cold shrinkage in the presence of water, the connection between the plug and the circuit board must be sealed and tight. One is to prevent When water enters, the second is that the plug must have the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction to ensure long-term waterproofing.

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