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What are the advantages of waterproof connectors and ordinary connectors

Issuing time:2021-04-27 16:27

Generally, everyone will have this experience. If your mobile phone is accidentally dropped into the water, the mobile phone will be completely unusable. Because it is submerged in water, not only mobile phones, but also many mobile phones require electricity. Everything is very afraid of water, as Water is the natural enemy of these electrical equipment. Therefore, many people avoid water damage when using water for electrical equipment. Therefore, they will try to avoid water ingress when using electrical equipment. However, this method of avoiding distance does not prevent water damage. These electrical equipment have the function of not being afraid of water, which is the solution to the root cause.

Therefore, in many environments where water and electricity are used together, there must be something that can make water and electricity coordinate with each other without compromising the function. In order to achieve this intention, waterproof connectors came into being. The so-called waterproof connectors are also The waterproof plug we often talk about. It is also called connector and socket in our country. Waterproof connection has excellent waterproof function. In a water environment, the waterproof connector is like unattended and will not be disturbed. It It can still ensure its own mechanical and electrical functions. The waterproof connector is not only waterproof and moisture-proof, but also has a certain dust-proof function.

The waterproof connector is farther than the traditional connector. It not only has the connection function of the traditional connector, but also has the waterproof function that the traditional connector does not. Our broad customers and friends must not underestimate this waterproof function. The waterproof function of the waterproof connector It can directly bring a lot of profits to the enterprise in practical use. It can directly bring a lot of profits to the enterprise. This means that its waterproof function can bring safety to the large-scale electrical appliances of the enterprise in practical use. In ensuring the safety of enterprise electrical appliances After sex, you can rest assured to carry out production activities. In the past, when the connector did not have a waterproof function, assuming that the connector was wet, the connector would not be damaged, but the entire electrical appliance in use may be damaged as a result. The production will be directly Causes economic losses to the enterprise. Therefore, we say that the waterproof connector directly brings a lot of profits to the enterprise. However, it is not occasional for the waterproof connector to have such an excellent waterproof effect, but it has passed strict functional inspections. Now let us Talk about the requirements of waterproof connector function inspection.

Some of the environmental functions of the waterproof connector are mainly manifested in its resistance to high temperature, humidity and vibration shock. The waterproof connector can withstand high temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius, and can withstand high temperatures of minus 65 degrees Celsius. Low temperature environment. During operation, due to current Slowly, the contact method will continue to rise. In order to make the waterproof connector work normally, assuming it is in some very humid environment, it must be within the rated temperature range. Assuming that it falls, the insulation will decline and its metal parts will rust It cannot be used and will affect other functions. The function of vibration shock is very important, for example, it is used in aviation and transportation. This is very important. With this function, it can be firmly connected to other mechanical structures, and Excellent sealing ability in other environments.

The compact and sensitive shape of the waterproof connector can better hide itself during use, and is not easily affected by the outside world. At the same time, the plastic of the connector housing is made of environmentally friendly and recyclable engineering materials. This is not like The plastic products used to pollute the environment. The connecting pins are machined and gold-plated on the surface, and can also be used without affecting the connector. The electrical connection is more stable and reliable, and the contact resistance is lower, which reduces the energy consumption of the system. . This is a true green connector.

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