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Talking about the performance of circular waterproof connectors

Issuing time:2021-04-27 16:28

The waterproof circular connector is mainly used as the circuit connection between the high-voltage vacuum equipment of the power system and various types of electronic instruments and electromechanical equipment. Because it is more commonly used in extreme environments such as floods and sewage, the sealing requirements for waterproof circular connectors are very high. The waterproof circular connector generally includes three parts: a socket, a power plug, and a tail accessory. The power plug is connected to the socket and the tail accessory respectively. When in use, the socket is fixed on the electromechanical device, and the wires in the electromechanical device are connected to the external circuit through the connector.

M8 and M12 are more common among the existing circular waterproof connectors. Their enclosure protection level can also be selected according to different needs. The waterproof circular connector is the nerve center of the aerospace system, and the reliability is the central index value of the waterproof circular connector. It is also to ensure that the daily missions such as electromagnetic transmission and data signal operation are adhered to. The waterproof circular connector is a device The central guarantee of normal operation. The practical significance of the reliability of waterproof circular connectors can provide a central basis for the design and application of waterproof circular connectors.

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