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In humid environments, it is safer to use professional waterproof connectors

Issuing time:2021-04-27 16:28

In some particularly humid or water working environment, the connector we choose must have excellent waterproof ability. So the waterproof connector came into being.

From the perspective of safety, waterproof connectors undoubtedly have higher safety than ordinary connectors, better avoiding possible electrical safety accidents, and for male and female plugs, round waterproof connectors use "three The "claw chuck" design can accurately guide the male and female plugs to be fixed to each other, reducing the leakage caused by the loose plug.

The waterproof function of the circular waterproof connector will also be reflected in the corrosion resistance of the humid environment. The service life of the connector can be ensured by the outstanding waterproof function.

The stability of the connector is more important than other functions. In the development of the waterproof function, it is necessary to pay attention not to affect the speed, accuracy and stability of data transmission for waterproofing.

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